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About Us

About Us

Dermipure Dermaclinic

Our Consultant

Dermipure Dermaclinic is an exclusive Skin and Hair Clinic, that caters to the needs related to Medical, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Skin and Hair issues, Non surgical Cosmetic Treatments, LASER treatments, Dermatosurgery and Dermatology.

The Clinic maintains high standards of professionalism and ethics, and provides access to the best and the most advanced treatments for skin and hair problems. An aesthetic ambiance, friendly staff, dermatologist trained at renowned institutions, and treatments based on proven clinical evidence are unique factors that help the Clinic enjoy a loyal clientele. 

On January 31 2021, Dr Sowmya Dogiparthi received Best Dermatologist – Life Line Health Care 2020 Award for extraordinary service to the society during the peak of Corona.

Our Philosophy

Offering the latest and most effective treatments and procedures for anti-aging and the entire spectrum of cosmetic and medical skin concerns, Dermipure Dermaclinic is committed to proof, not promises. In addition to improving the skin’s health and appearance, Dr.Sowmya Dogiparthi works one-on-one with patients to advise them on treatments, procedures, products, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle choices that minimize signs of aging and maximize results, for a comprehensive approach to skincare. We strive to make a better tomorrow for you.

About Our Consultant

Dr. Sowmya Dogiparthi, is a dermatologist whose love for beauty permeates every aspect of her life and work. Having grown up abroad ( America)  before returning to India to study, Dr. Sowmya imbibed a modern, global outlook while staying closely connected to her family’s Indian roots and traditions. As a dermatologist and cosmetologist, aesthetics and first impressions are important, but her priority is to be a compassionate doctor who helps patients reclaim their sense of confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin.

She decided to come back to India for medical school in 2004, and did both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Ramachandra Medical College. She chose to become a dermatologist and cosmetologist as she felt it was one of the specialties that allows for a healthy work-life balance. She completed her Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine from Germany in 2014 and Fellowship in Cosmetology from Stanely Medical College, Chennai, Tamilnadu. In 2019 she completed her Diploma in Medical Micropigmentation; in order to help those suffering with long term vitiligo re gain confidence.

She is also working as Consultant Dermatologist/Cosmetologist at Apollo Hospitals – Apollo Childrens Hospital, Apollo Womans Hospital and Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Chennai. As part of her ongoing work in the field, she has authored a chapter in a dermatology textbook, and contributed articles to various magazines, was a speaker in multiple national and international conferences.

As a cosmetologist, her thoughts on aesthetics and first impressions:

When we first interact with someone, we all form initial judgements that are based on appearance and attire, whether we do it consciously or not. Even before we have started a conversation with someone, or begun to understand and appreciate their character, we have formed an impression of them. Of course, non-verbal communication, including posture, eye contact and tone of voice can also influence this, but—whether we like it or not—appearance and how we present ourselves to the world play a big role.

She believes that beautiful skin can improve confidence, and this in turn can positively affect every aspect of one’s life, from relationships to work. We all want to stand out in some way and make an impression—sometimes through our work and sometimes through the way we look. Healthy hair, skin and nails are a reflection of physical and emotional well-being and can boost confidence, which is truly beautiful.

While beauty is so much more than one’s appearance, there exists a lot of stigma in society thanks to stereotypical ideas of beauty. When people look in the mirror and think that they are ‘lacking’ in some way, their confidence and self-esteem can be destroyed. For Dr Sowmya, what is most important is to feel comfortable in your own skin, and through her work, she hopes to help people achieve this.

In the aesthetic field, especially, people are often embarrassed or nervous to talk about problems they face with their skin. Dr Sowmya’s priority is to make every patient feel comfortable and confident when they sit in the chair opposite to her, and she takes a personal interest in their stories and provides them accurate treatment and advise to resolve their concerns.